Snake Species & Lizards
There are around 25 types of snakes that live in the Southern Drakensberg Region and of those, only four are potentially dangerous. The Puff Adder, Berg Adder, Night Adder and the Rinkhals. Avoiding danger from these 4 snakes comes down to common sense and applying the rules of the bush. Remember that these snakes live here and play a vital role in our ecosystem and will only try and bite you if they feel threatened. If you come across one of these four sakes, retreat slowly and quietly (easier said than done ladies, but running quietly will help) and remember that the Rinkhals can spit up to 3 metres. Do not try and chase him or her away, the consequences might be fatal. Generally snake bites are extremely rare in the Southern Drakensberg area, having said that, always be aware of the more dangerous species.
Represents snakes that have caused human fatalities, Puff Adder, Berg Adder, Night Adder and the Rinkhals, or severe discomfort and pain resulting in immediate medical attention.
Snakes that have never caused human fatalities. However their bites can cause pain and discomfort. Seek medical help just to be sure.
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